Recent: upcoming “The Crossing Borders”

In Crossing Borders (2016) Leroy Sankes addresses the current refugee-crisis not by trying to find answers. Rather, he does so by generating a series of powerful images that reveal the multitude of contrasting perspectives on the contemporary refugee throughout them.The artist does this quite literally by using the same models in multiple images, revealing that the same people can generate very different responses while being dressed and framed differently. At the same time, Sankes’ images re-question our perception of the refugee in more subtle by combining a visual language that appears classical and glamorous with subjects that simultaneously are alienating and attractive.

By employing a high level of direction over the visual outcome of his artistry, Sankes not only creates intriguing images, but also lays bare the inherent mechanism of framing in photography that appears at the bottom of the contemporary fragmented worldview. This way, the artist is not only able to show us there is no singular truth, but also that every person disserves a second opinion.